USDA World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates

The United States Department of Agriculture reduced the 2017-18 U.S. soybean yield to 49.5 bushels per acre, down .4 bushels per acre from the September report.  Production remained the same as last month’s estimate for a record 4.431 billion bushel crop on a record harvested area of 89.5 million acres.  However, 2017-18 U.S. soybean ending […]

USDA Small Grains Summary

U.S. all wheat production totaled 1.74 billion bushels in 2017, down 25% from the revised 2016 total of 2.31 billion bushels. U.S. winter wheat production was 1.27 billion bushels, down 24% from 2016. U.S. spring wheat production at 416 million bushels, was down 22% from 2016. U.S. durum wheat production was 54.9 million bushels, down […]

Statistics Canada Model-Based Principal Field Crop Estimates

Statistics Canada published its annual crop production estimates based on a model that utilizes data from low-resolution satellite imagery, historical field crop survey estimates, and agroclimatic information. See below: Canola production is estimated to be a record 19.7 million tonnes in 2017. If realized, this would exceed last year’s record 19.6 million tonnes of production. […]