Statistics Canada Model-Based Principal Field Crop Estimates

Statistics Canada published its annual crop production estimates based on a model that utilizes data from low-resolution satellite imagery, historical field crop survey estimates, and agroclimatic information. See below:

Canola production is estimated to be a record 19.7 million tonnes in 2017. If realized, this would exceed last year’s record 19.6 million tonnes of production.

Soybean production is also estimated to be a record at 8.3 million tonnes. This was up 28.8% from 2016.

Oat production estimated at 3.8 million tonnes was up 19% from last year’s 3.2 million tonnes.

All wheat production at 27.1 million tonnes is down 14.5%.

Spring wheat production at 20.1 million tonnes is down a marginal 1.8%.

Durum production at 4.3 million tonnes is down 44.6% from last year.

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